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Her yummy natural body and pretty face might make it seem like she’s a slut, but CrystallxDee is far from that. She’s a domme that lures you into her fetish video chat show with those suspender pantyhose that let you see her whole booty and a peachy slit on the She wants you to come to her so she can make you beg for her attention.

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Sure, she’ll do a sexy striptease, you’re going to sit in your chair, glued to it because she tied you with ropes so you can’t move, and you’re even going to receive a lap dance. You’ll feel her tender thighs and those silky smooth nylons rubbing against you, with her booty teasing your member. But she’ll notice right away that you’re not the kind of man she wants to fuck.

Oh no, she needs a guy like her boyfriend, and she enjoys humiliating guys like you by turning you into a cuckold. She’ll bend over for him and make you watch while she’s getting drilled. He’s going to rip her pantyhose and stuff them in your mouth so you can quit whining. Watch closely as she’s kneeling and swallowing all his cum, while you’re sucking whatever sweat and juices are left of her in that pantyhose inside your mouth.

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